Life Insurance
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Life Insurance 

Life Insurance is for the Living.
Most people think of life insurance in the most basic form: providing financial protection for his or her family in the event of death.
But Do You Know as a life insurance policy holder, there can be "Living Benefits" to owing a life insurance policy:
  • Cash Value Accumulation which can be used for life's emergencies such as paying off medical bills, purchasing a new home, paying off mortgage early.
  • Living Benefit Riders are feature that can be added to the policy which can increase the benefits to the policy owner or beneficiary. Critical illness rider which can provide pre-payment of the death benefit while the insured is still alive. Long Term Care rider can also be added to the policy.
  • Return of premium: Term Life Insurance is considered the lowest cost life insurance but many people may think term life insurance is a waste of money if they outlive the coverage term. An alternative to a traditional term life insurance is a Return of Premium Policy. The Return of Premium Policy provide protection in two ways: provide a death benefit during the term and return the eligible premium after the policy's level term ended to the policy owner.
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Life Insurance  for the Living!

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